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Vance Charactar Portrait
Vance - October 30, 2005, 9:00PM

Happy Halloween!

It's kind of neat that our update day actually falls on the actual holiday and obviously part of this week's comic has to do with this most ghoulish of holidays, in odd accompaniment with a game release that I have been waiting for quite some time. I also took great delight in drawing a hot devil chick...

So, City of Villains has finally come out. As I've said once and I'll say again; "I like City of Heroes" and city of villains doesn't fall far from the same tree. Game play is similar, although they have taken many precautions to make the power sets a nice step away from the heroes. There are also additions which may have been there from before, but were not instated when I previously abandoned the game. Such as newspaper missions, which help drastically relieve the dead levels, when you would run out of missions and be forced to grind on the streets for a few days to get to your next mission set (note: I despise grinding, and revel in games with good missions systems i.e. CoH and WoW). That's all I have on that for now, I'm sure I'll talk more about it as time goes on.

Low and behold I actually managed to snag me a job. It's nothing special, but a pretty simple gig that works well with what I'm up to now. This does, however, leave me with less leisure time then previously allotted.

Speaking of time squandered, thanks to Reese my computer is running again, after being down for about a day, with some issues with the installation of a new video card. So thanks for coming over and putting up with that shit for a few hours. Not the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last...

I leave you now with the last vestige of my squandered time...

Vance and Reese

Me and Reese CoV style...
(Yeah, I had nothing better to do.)

Reese Charactar Portrait
Reese - October 30, 2005, 9:00PM
Lots of issues, I got the comic late from Vance and I've been trying to get it all set up to post from work, but it has been crazy busy. More to come later.