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Vance Charactar Portrait
Vance - October 23, 2005, 9:00PM
I'm very happy with this week's comic. Not only do I think it's ecstatically pleasing, but it finally introduces my favorite character... the Duck. As I mentioned earlier I have been drawing comic strips for quite some time. This duck was one of the first characters I ever created and he has changed very little since his original conception. Look forward to seeing him in many more comics.

I was wandering the web last week when I came across a little nugget of Internet gold. We here at VRComic are not fooling ourselves; we know there are thousands upon thousands of web comics out there, most of which are fair to midi ocher. If your reading my little site most of you likely know the staples, VGcats, Penny-Arcade, and a hand full of others that are generally well knows by those in the community and out. Recently I came across a comic created by Carlos G. called Lowroad75. I spent the entire night enthralled in his characters and his style. I then wrote him a quaint little letter exclaiming how much I dug his work, also sending him a spot of fanart (note: I don't do fanart btw, so this was a big deal for me). To my surprise he actually contacted me back and we chatted a bit. An extremely cool guy, with an extremely amazing comic. Go read it!

We've (Reese) also updated our Links page with banners and some new links, as well as a couple of super shnazzy banners for our site. So if you like to read us, let others know!

Reese Charactar Portrait
Reese - October 23, 2005, 9:00PM
The duck is Vance's baby, so I really had nothing to do with this comic. All I contributed to this week was site updates. Speaking of which, I should get back to my PHP stuff. I'm getting closer to doing some actual page upgrades. If all goes well, you won't notice a thing, it will just be easier to update for me, and that's all that really counts in the long run...