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Vance Charactar Portrait
Vance - October 29, 2006, 9:00PM
And we are back on our search for a new apartment. This week we are visiting Megatokyo with still no avail. I was terrified to draw this comic. If nothing else Fred Gallagher is hailed as one of the best artists in web comics, and I'm not one to challenge that. I tried hard to mimic his visual look, leaving it sketchy but solid, and in black and white. I was tempted to ask Mohammad F. Haque from Applegeeks to color it for me (as often he does for Piro) but that was merely an idea and I didn't want to bother him with it. (pft... as if he really would have)

I'm sure many more of you read megatokyo then our little site here, so I feel an explanation would over do.

Few nuggets out there!

So I was in my animation class when in walks another instructor and says "You have to go to this site and watch this animation!" Apparently a group of French animation students got together and wanted to make the rest of us look bad. But, in all honesty this thing they put together is amazing on so many levels I can have nothing but admiration for it.

I also (for a bit now) have had a Deviant Art account if any of you would like to go view some of my other stuff. Not a great deal is up there right this second, but I plan on posting a lot more there. I've been working on fantasy concepts for Reese and myself, and that's probably going to be the first place you'll be able to see them. One of these days I might finish putting together my full blown portfolio site, but for now, that will do.

Last but not least, if you haven't noticed I stuck a different incentive in the voting button. Not as fandantical as the last, but expect that to change every now and again.

Reese Charactar Portrait
Reese - October 29, 2006, 9:00PM
I personally love Megatokyo. It's one of the few comics I make a point of to read consistently. I was going to help Vance out with the comic on this one because of my vast reader knowledge, but he already had the joke built up before I could throw my two cents in. Not only that, but I suck at writing scripts for comics. I usually just help with a punchline or make a comment that Vance is able to twist into a punchline.

Also, I have switched the site over to PHP instead of just plain HTML. As a reader, you shouldn't see any difference. It's just a backend change that will make updating the site a bit easier. If you run into any problems or have any comments, feel free to email me (by clicking on my picture in the header).

Vance Charactar Portrait
Vance - October 29, 2006, 9:00PM
I wanted Reese's input on this comic, but for some reason the jack-ass had to go carve pumpkins?